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Spain, Winter 2018-19

We chose to escape an irritating British Xmas and, hopefully, the worst of and the British winter for a second year running. Once again we planned to arrive in Spain on 21st December with a return ferry booked for 16th

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Spain, Oct 2018

One of the delights of owning a modestly sized condominium-like property in Spain, is attending the yearly AGM of the owners organization. The Spanish “horizontal property law” requires that a committee exists for such “shared living” properties and that AGMs

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Spain, Apr 2018

The crappy cold grey weather that some may think passes for spring in the UK was getting us down so much that we booked a return trip to Spain for 2½ weeks of respite care. This was, of course, a

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Spain, Winter 2017-18

This is another post that seems to require a slightly different format. Finally being footloose and fancy-free, we took the opportunity to run away from both the British Xmas and the British winter by trying an extended trip to Spain.

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Spain, Sep 2017

For three weeks of September 2017 we were were supposed to be in France. I had planned to visit Provence to search for Banded Darters (Sympetrum pedemontanum). At least, that was our original plan and we had ferry bookings to

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Spain, Spring 2017

Travelling by slow boat (30 hours) between Portsmouth and Bilbao, this was a 6-week visit to our base in Spain at Jalón/Xaló. This being my first early season odonata hunt in Spain, I was looking forward to something fresh. I

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Spain, Sep 2016

At the last minute, we arranged to spend the first two seeks of September, 2016, in Spain, primarily so we could take the opportunity of a rendez-vous with a couple of long-lost Dutch friends. Naturally, I was happy for the

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Spain, Xmas 2015

This was definitely not intended as an Odo hunting trip. This was a planned escape from the desperately depressing, unadulterated commercialism of a British Christmas. I went, however, suspecting that I might find a late darter or two basking in

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Spain, Oct 2015

Our September trip to Spain was cut short but we returned for one week in late October, mainly for the inaugural meeting of our development’s residents committee. Oh joy! I did not go equipped with a decent Odo camera and

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Spain, Sep 2015

An autumn trip to Spain that was supposed to last five weeks was curtailed by family issues requiring an early return home. However, I did manage a couple of weeks and with some decent weather. Unusually for me, I had

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