Trithemis kirbyi (Orange-winged Dropwing)

A species that is spreading north from Africa into Spain and colonising relatively rapidly. The distribution maps in Dijkstra/Lewington, published 2006, do not show it in Spain but it is now [2016] at least as far up as Valencia.

I was keen to find these on my September 2015 Spanish trip and had targeted a reserve just above Valencia called the Marjal dels Moros. As it turned out, I found my first male on my local river in Jalón. I was then lucky enough to find a female at the Marjal de Gandia.

Id Notes

  • ♂ pretty unmistakable with a bright red abdomen and extensive amber wing patches
  • bluish underside to eye
  • ♀ two rows of black dashes on S6 – S9