Crocothemis erythraea (Broad Scarlet/Scarlet Darter)

An African species that’s made it all the way up Europe and is now a visitor to the UK on occasions. Aptly named in that the male is vividly red but our BDS Darter tag is perhaps less appropriate ‘cos it isn’t a Sympetrum species; Broad Scarlet seems a more apt common name. It does behave quite like a darter, though, flying sorties from a favoured perch.

We have now encountered it on its original home turf in Botswana and Zambia.

Id Notes

  • Abdomen, thorax and head bright red (mature ♂)
  • Abdomen flattened and broader in centre than at front and rear.
  • Sizeable amber patch at hind-wing base; wings otherwise clear
  • No black on legs
immature male

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