Trithemis aurora (Crimson Dropwing)

seen in Cambodiaseen in Singaporeseen in Hong KongThe strikingly attractive species is found throughout the Indian subcontinent and south east Asia, extending to Japan and south to Java and the Lesser Sunda Islands.

Trithemis aurora captivated me as much as my first encounter with the similar T. annulata (Violet Dropwing) that I am now relativeoly familiar with in my more usual European arena. With the poses that these characters strike, often before a clean, watery background, I simply never tire of photographing them.

At our first meeting in Singapore, we were lucky enough to find a couple of immature males as well as a female. We have since seen both sexes again in Hong Kong Park, 2017, during a short stopover travelling to the Antipodes.

immature male
2 comments on “Trithemis aurora (Crimson Dropwing)
  1. Yaser Bakhshi says:

    Hello, I’m studing on dragonflies of Iran and I have some similar specimens. If possible inform me about date and locality in which you captured the photos of Trithemis aurora please.

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