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Here’s a collection of links useful where Asian Odonata are concerned.

Dragonflies and Damselflies of Singapore
Anthony Quek, who runs this website, lives in Singapore and takes some wonderful photographs of his local Odonata. His galleries are stunning. Anthony was kind enough to meet us and introduce us to what he considers to be the best dragonfly site in Singapore near the Macritchie Reservoir in the Central Catchment NR.
Singapore Odonata
The website of the eminent Tang Hun Bun who studies in Singapore and, along with Wang Luan Ken & Matti Hämäläinen, wrote the book on Singaporean Odonata.
Picture of Singapore Odonata
Leonard Tan lives in Singapore and has many useful photographs of his local Odonata, along with some useful information about Singapore’s exciting locations, too.
Dragonflies of Cambodia
“The distribution of the Dragonfly- and Damselfly-species in Cambodia is poorly known.”
This site is run by Hanns-Jürgen Roland who seems to live in Germany. He is trying to increase the knowledge base of Cambodian species and distribution by collecting sighting information. Quite a noble task from Germany, I’d say.
Dragonflies and Damselflies of Thailand
Dennis Farrell’s excellent photographic guide to Thailand’s odonata. Dennis does not simply publish photographs but takes the trouble to explain identification features – always helpful.
A country I visited before my odonata obsession and one I would love to revisit.
Odonata of Peninsular Malaysia
I found this site particularly helpful in trying to get to grips with some of the differences between the two very similar species Pseudagrion microcephalum and P. australasiae. A pretty specific requirement but necessary, nonetheless.
“Close-up on Dragonflies and Damselflies from Vietnam.”
Run by Sébastien Delonglée and very useful some of the information has proved, too, even though I am yet to visit Vietnam. This site has a wonderful comparison between Anax Parthenope julius and Anax guttatus that helped me to a correction. 😉
Odonata of India
[The] Vision behind the creation of this website was to create the first, peer-reviewed, internet-based and open resource for Indian Odonata.
Very much a work in progress site at the moment, it seems, but it looks useful.
Joshi, S., P. Koparde, K. A. Subramanian and P. Roy (eds.) 2017. Odonata of India, v. 1.00. Indian Foundation for Butterflies.
Odonata of Japan
In ancient times, Japan was called “Akitsu shima” which means an odonates’ island …
Well, if that doesn’t sound like a reason to visit, I don’t know what does. This site, which includes a seemingly complete list of 203 (though the intro page oddly claims 172) Japanese species, has already proved useful differentiating a couple of Asian species and now I’ve found the English text version, it may prove even easier to use. 🙂 There’s a pile of other useful information on biology, too.

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