Mauritian Species

I have not visited the island of Mauritius, though the prospect appeals, but I stumbled across a list of odonata recorded there. It is an old document dating from 1962 but, since it is not extensive and I have failed to find anything more modern, I though it worth recording for posterity … or perhaps it’s because I just can’t resist lists. Ranges of some species are sure to have changed in the almost 60 years since it was written so I’m sure this is not very accurate now.

This is my transcription of the 1962 paper by Elliot Pinhey with the names of a few genera updated, some of the originals apparently now being out of date (originals from the paper being shown in parentheses). Endemic species are shown in bold.

Since a few are well known widespread species, I have actually bumped into a few.

Zygoptera (Damselflies)

  • Platycnemis mauriciana [in doubt; synonym of P. latipes suspected?]
  • Ceriagrion glabrum
  • Pseudagrion punctum [? only Madagascar now]
  • Coenagriocnemis rufipes
  • Coenagriocnemis ramburi [known only from type specimen]
  • Coenagriocnemis insulare
  • Ischnura senegalensis
  • Ischnura vinsoni
  • Agriocnemis exilis

Anisoptera (Dragonflies)