Austrolestes aridus (Inland Ringtail)

One of the 10 Australian endemic Ringtails, this is very widespread colonizing all but the “Top End” [I love the way Australia refers to the extreme north] and the northern part of Western Australia. Widespread it may be but it caused a fair bit of excitement when we found one at a roadside stream en route to the Carnarvon Gorge during the 2019 Odonatours trip to southeast Queensland. The picture in Theisinger/Hawking is of a dead specimen, which rarely helps much, so maybe photos of it aren’t quite as widespread.

The main id feature seems to be what we referred to as a cheese-shaped wedge of blue on the side of the thorax at the rear of the antehumeral stripe.

Id Notes

  • ♂ – blue triangle below and rear of the antehumeral