Calopteryx virgo (Beautiful Demoiselle)

Something called a Beautiful Demoiselle sounds, to me, as though it’s been named by a 9-year old schoolgirl. Be that as it may, it is rather appropriate. We were captivated by them first at La Rigole near La Prise d’Eau d’Alzeau near Saissac, France. In the UK, these have to be distinguished only from C. virgo (Beautiful Demoiselle) but in parts of France C. xanthostoma (Western Demoiselle) must also be considered.

Id Notes

  • ♂ – metallic blue body
  • ♂ – almost completely dark blue (there are subspecies variations)
  • ♀ – metallic green body
  • ♀ – wings clear with brownish tint (cf. C. splendens – greenish) with white pseudo-pterostigma
in cop in flight

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