Erythromma najas (Large Redeye/Red-eyed Damselfly)

There are two red-eyed blue dams and this is the more common in the UK. It’s fond of water lily pads to sit on. Distinguishing this from the E. viridulum looks difficult at first but concentrate on the shape of the tail-light of males and it’s relatively easy.

[I have a comparison chart detailing the distinguishing features between E. najas and E. viridulum.]

Id Notes

  • black legs
  • ♂ – no antehumeral stripes
  • ♂ – bright red eyes
  • ♂ – blue S1, then black down to a blue S9&10
  • ♀ – brownish eyes
  • ♀ – narrow, short or broken antehumeral stripes
  • ♀ – yellow-green ventral side to abdomen, dark dorsal side
immature male

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