Pseudagrion massaicum (Massai Sprite)

The only damselfly we saw during our 2017 trip to Namibia. P. massaicum (Massai Sprite) is very similar to P. vaalense (Vall Sprite) which fortunately did not occur in the area, so identification was a little easier, avoiding the need for genital determination. 🙂

Id Notes

  • ♂ – head and thorax show a strong vermillion colouration (very attractive)
  • ♂ – face and post-ocular spots are vermillion
  • ♂ – S8 & 9 have a sky blue tail light.
  • ♂ – S2 shows a black “Y” mark.
  • ♂ – S3 – S7 have black torpedo marks on their dorsal side.
male in tandem