Libellula depressa (Broad-bodied Chaser)

Chasers are characterized by distinctive dark triangular patches at the root of the hind-wings. This is also one of the potentially confusing pruinose characters (or prunes, as Carol and I call them affectionately), though the broad abdomen of its name makes it reasonably distinctive.

If you find our pruinose dragonflies a little confusing, here is an id/comparison chart to help.

Another common source of confusion is distinguishing immature males from females. This comparison chart should help.

Id Notes

  • Very broad, flattened abdomen
  • Dark triangular patches on inboard of hind-wing
  • Dark bars on inboard of fore-wing
  • Dorsal surface of abdomen covered in blue pruinosity (mature ♂)
immature male male in flight
female female in flight

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