Leucorrhinia caudalis (Lilypad Whiteface)

There are a few scattered populations in France and happily I knew one location in La Brenne that supposedly supported these delightful little whitefaces. I had been to the site once but they weren’t around. Happily, in 2018 on a second visit, I found them.

It’s quite common for a damselfly to alight on lilypads and other floating leaves but it’s not common for a dragonfly to do it. This species appears to be aptly named, though my specimen is not actually on a lilypad.

Id Notes

  • white pterostigmas
  • white anal appendages
  • white frons (of course)
  • brown patches at hind-wing roots
  • clubbed abdomen
  • ♂ – S3-5 pruinose, S7-10 black
  • ♀ – yellow and black abdomen (though I haven’t seen one)