Austrophya mystica (Rainforest mystic)

Now we’re talking, not only is this endemic to northeast Queensland but it’s another one of Australia’s monotypic genera. Bingo!

Well, bingo except fore the fact that a day or so before meeting this celebrity I had fallen into a mountain stream and completely immersed by camera ]Olympus M1X] and lens [Zuiko 300 F4] in water for a few seconds before I struggled back out. The Olympus claim the the M1X can survive serious amounts of water proved correct. The lens, however, having been kept overnight in 23°C before then being taken out into 33°C outside, misted up internally before finally clearing. Thus, most of my relatively early morning shots of this species were through my own personal fog.

These serve as record shots, having mostly been tidied up by some post-processing in Lightroom.