Erythromma lindenii (Blue-eye/Goblet-marked Damselfly)

We were captivated by the mating behaviour of some of these when we first encountered them at Lac de Lenclas, southern France, in spring 2011. Pairs were landing on a stem and descending. When the female was mostly submerged, the male would leave. The female continued downwards completely submerging and eventually disappearing from sight in relatively clear water. It made me wonder if she survived the experience.

Id Notes

  • wide blue antehumeral stripes (like E. cyathigerum) but Coenagrion-like spur is also present.
  • ♂ – bright blue eyes with very narrow postocular spots
  • ♂ – black goblet shape on S2
  • ♂ – black spearheads on S3-6, S7-8 largely black
  • ♂ – S9&10 mostly blue making a short “tail light” at the very tip of the abdomen
  • ♀ – appears three-coloured: front is pale brown-green, middle is blue, abdomen tip is pale brown
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