Brachytron pratense (Hairy Hawker/Hairy Dragonfly)

Named after its hairy thorax; the earliest emerging mosaic hawker in my neck of the woods (May/June), which can help distinguish it from other lookalikes. Rarely seen settled, I know other Odonata fans that are still waiting, so I count myself very fortunate to have been able to snag some of these shots.

[The flight season of B. pratense is early compared to other Hawkers but for general help distinguishing these species, see my comparison chart.]

Id Notes

  • Oval-shaped pairs of dots down the abdominal segments except …
  • … single central coloured dot on S1
  • Long, narrow, brown pterostigma
  • Yellow costa
  • Very long anal appendages
  • ♂ pale blue abdominal markings
  • ♀ pale green abdominal markings

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