Onychogomphus uncatus (Large Pincertail/Blue-eyed Hooktail)

Beware of confusion with O. forcipatus (Small Pincertail/Green-eyed Hooktail). Though the BDS vernacular names might mention Blue-eyed and Green-eyed, the eye colour is not reliable. Here are a couple of good annotated pictures indicating more reliable distinguishing characteristics. DragonflyPix is another good source.

Our only sighting of these beasts has been in woodland beside La Rigole at the Prise d’Eau d’Alzeau in Les Montagnes Noires, 2011. Stupidly, we didn’t expect to see anything (dull weather) and had only a compact camera with us when we spotted a female. We returned with proper equipment and found the male but the lighting was not good. Must do better! 🙂

ID Notes

  • vertex all black – no yellow bar between frons and occiput
  • the yellow anterior ridge of the thorax divided by a black line along the mid-dorsal keel
  • see diagrams referred to above for the antehumeral stripe shapes
  • ♂ – fearsome hooked appendages (the pincers), the lower one with no subterminal knob
  • ♂ – anal triangle normally 4-celled

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