Hemigomphus heteroclytus (Stout Vicetail)

Hemigomphus heteroclytus (Stout Vicetail) is found on streams and rivers which can reduce to trickles in summer. Endemic to Australia, starting below Cape York it ranges around the eastern and south-eastern coast, including inland southern Queensland, all the way round to south-eastern South Australia (Adelaide way).

We encountered H. heteroclytus frequently on our 2019 tripe around south-eastern Queensland, all the way from the Brisbane area (Northbrook Gorges) in the south to our furthest north (Finch Hatton Gorge) where my colleagues snagged my only female.

Id notes

  • ♂ – upper appendages white and widely separated, inner margin sinuously curved
  • antehumeral stripe usually fused with outer area of collar