For the most part, here are lists of recorded species within the countries we’ve visited, together with links back to our species pages for those that we’ve encountered.

Where SE Asia and Southern Africa and australia are concerned, exhaustive lists are either very long (Africa: 780), very difficult (Cambodia under recorded), or both. Also, whilst an exhaustive list of Australian species is eminently possible, listing 324 species with only a dozen ticked off seems pointless so I’ve given that the same treatment. The following I’ve treated differently, theswe being simply lists of those species we’ve actually seen.


Below is a table of counts of species by various geographic areas, both those that I’m already interested in and those that I’d like to become interested in by visiting.

Worldwide6222Slater MuseumDr D Paulson; count as of 24/01/2017
UK44myselfSee my UK list for explanations
France (mainland)89Grand/Boudot
France (inc. Corsica)100Grand/Boudot
Iberian Peninsular78Iberian Wildlife Tours
Cambodia>112Dragonflies of CambodiaPoorly recorded
Japan172Odonata of JapanIncludes subspecies
South Africa164Tarboton/Warwickas of May 2015
Africa780ADDO - African Damselflies & Dragonflies Online
New Zealand17perfectlyworded.co.nz2 are migrants.
Hardly any photos but the names are useful
USA479Odonata CentralDr. John Abbott @ University of Texas

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