Aeshna affinis (Blue-eyed Hawker/Southern Migrant Hawker)

First encountered by us in 2012 when we found a male on patrol at the Terres de Picodon, one of the premier locations in the Parc Naturel Régional de la Brenne.

Since 2010, they have been recorded in a couple of site on the UK’s south-east coast, including Wat Tyler Country Park in Essex. Aeshna affinis features in the BDS list but that list doesn’t appear to draw a distinction between truly resident species and migrants. However, it has been seen at Wat Tyler consistently since, as well as at a site in Kent and does seem to be spreading so I’m sure it is now resident.

[If you find distinguishing our Hawkers a little confusing see my comparison charts which should help.]

Id Notes

  • side of thorax green with fine black markings but males develop blue tinge with age
  • short antehumeral stripes
  • ♂ bright blue eyes
  • ♂ black and blue mosaic abdomen/li>
  • ♂ S2 blue with black ‘mask’ marking
  • ♀ brown and yellow mosaic abdomen
in flight

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