Boyeria irene (Western Spectre/Dusk Hawker)

This is one of those irritating encounters that I have yet to manage to capture on pixels.

I saw my first suspect hawking tirelessly around our campsite at Maussane-les-Alpilles in Provence. Though I watched in the early evening for some time, it never settled and the confused background confounded my attempts at an in-flight shot.

My second encounter was again on a campsite, this time near Limoges, at about 9:00 PM. The timing of its flight was my main identification feature. This one disappeared promptly.

Id Notes

  • mosaic-like abdominal markings but quite subdued colouration, “camouflage-like”
  • green eyes
  • dark smudges on wing tips
  • flies quite late into the evening when it tends to fly in the open

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