Lestoidea brevicauda (Short-tipped Bluestreak)

The curiously named Bluestreaks – curious because they seem not to be blue and neither do they seem to streak 😀 – are a bit of a bear to identify. So, I was entirely dependent on our FNQ 2022 leader, Phil, and my companions for guidance on this. You need better photographs than mine because it’s the old anal appendage shape that is key to the males and the classic pronotum for females. My companions got clear pictures by using macro lenses. Maybe there’s a lesson there, somewhere.

Below the identified pair is a male that is sadly not specifically identified because I couldn’t match it to my companions’ pictures. Since it’s a decent shot, though, I wanted to document it.

This species is endemic to coastal northeast Queensland and, being in rain forests, can be a bugger to photograph, too. My poorly photographed pair here were at Crystal Cascades.


Here’s the shot of my unidentified Lestoidea (Bluestreak) male – it needed a view of the appendages from a lower angle, side on.