Hemicordulia intermedia (Yellow-spotted Emerald)

Here’s another example of the dangers involved with common/vernacular names: this species has absolutely nothing to do with the European Yellow-spotted Emerald (Somatochlora flavomaculata), though here it is sharing the same common name.

Neither does this species look particularly yellow-spotted, IMO, certainly not compared to a couple of its congeners, including the Australian Emerald (H. australiae). However it looks, on my 2019 trip to Queensland, which was littered with H. australiae, I was delighted to have one meeting with this beauty and to manage to snag it in flight – they rarely settle.

FNQ 2022 did produce a couple of settled specimens, one of which was a fresh teneral and the other, even more exciting, was a female.

This one looks like an Australian endemic.

in flight