Coenagrion puella (Azure Bluet/Azure Damselfly)

One of the UK’s two most frequently occurring blue damsels; this is the paler of the two. The other ubiquitous “bluet” is Enallagma cyathigerum, the Common Bluet/Common Blue Damselfly, which is a stronger blue colour.

[I have a collection of comparison charts to help with the identification of the blue-striped damselflies.]

Id Notes

  • bears the Coenagrion “spur” on the side of the thorax
  • blue antehumeral stripes are narrower than the black stripes beside them (cf. Enallagma cyathigerum)
  • ♂ – U-shaped mark on S2 (usually separated from S2’s suture but beware variations)
  • ♂ – black mark on rear of S10 resembling a bow tie
  • ♀ – normally green with an almost all black dorsal side of abdomen (but there’s a blue form)
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One comment on “Coenagrion puella (Azure Bluet/Azure Damselfly)
  1. T Davies says:

    Thanks for this. I got here and we have Azure Damselflies!

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