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Australia, Dec 2022 [FNQ 2022]

In late 2019, just before Covid-19 ruined the world, I went on a 3-week intensive dragonfly hunting trip with Phil Benstead centred around Brisbane. The intention had been to go south into some of the State Parks of New South

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France, Sep 2022

We have not returned to France for the last four years, in some ways because of our house in Spain, but largely also because of Covid-19 more recently. September 2022 provided our opportunity to cross the Channel again and renew

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The Netherlands, Aug 2022

My normal pathological avoidance of the school holidays throughout late July and August, coupled with the fact that we’ve tended to visit the southwest of France as opposed to the northeast, have reduced my chances of seeing the Moustached Darter/Vagrant

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Botswana & Zambia, July 2022

For the first two weeks of July, with travel supposedly opening up after two years of Covid-19 lockdowns,  we lashed out on a tented camping safari to Botswana, including a side trip into Zambia to visit the stunning Victoria Falls.

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Australia, Nov-Dec 2019

For some time I have been considering joining an organized dragonfly hunting tour. In November 2018 I was disappointed not to be able to take part in a tour of Western Australia organized by Phil Benstead of Odonatours [2022 update

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France, July 2019

This wasn’t actually a trip in its own right but was a single week tacked onto the end of our trip around Germany. Having gone out to Germany through Belgium and experienced a dreadful campsite, we were anxious to avoid

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Germany, Jun 2019

We’d been invited to visit friends in former East Germany and were going to fly but were scuppered by Ryan-bloody-Air when they cancelled the Stansted-Leipzig route completely. So, we turned it into a 3-week caravan trip. It was our first

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Sri Lanka, Mar 2019

In late March, 2019, we joined an Explore! 12-day photographic trip to Sri Lanka. It was a general trip designed to cover many subjects, including a couple of wildlife parks, but also many cultural subjects. No specific odonata habitat was

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Spain, Winter 2018-19

We chose to escape an irritating British Xmas and, hopefully, the worst of and the British winter for a second year running. Once again we planned to arrive in Spain on 21st December with a return ferry booked for 16th

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Spain, Oct 2018

One of the delights of owning a modestly sized condominium-like property in Spain, is attending the yearly AGM of the owners organization. The Spanish “horizontal property law” requires that a committee exists for such “shared living” properties and that AGMs

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