Trithemis annulata (Violet Dropwing/Violet-marked Darter)

An African species that has crossed into Spain and has made its way up into southern France. The male is a spectacularly coloured dragonfly, similar in shape to a Crocothemis erythaea (Broad Scarlet) but vividly pink-bodied and smaller, noticeable particularly when seen together as they often are. The male’s pink coloration is unmistakable in the European theater but there are similarly coloured confusion species elsewhere.

Carol spotted our first at a distance beside our favourite lake near Fanjeaux in spring, 2011, but I missed it. We did, however, see them at close quarters at Lac de Lenclas later that same year. It has since become established at Fanjeaux and we became used to finding them frequently in Spain, too. I never tire of seeing these beauties.

ID Notes

  • ♂ – unmistakable pink/plum/violet (?!) abdomen
  • ♂ – purple frons
  • ♂ – red wing veins
  • yellow base of hind-wing
  • ♀ – yellow-brown abdomen
immature male

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