Pseudagrion sublacteum (Cherry-eye Sprite)

Seen in BotswanaA new customer from the Cubango River in Botswana, 2022, that was seen only by Francine, since a pair in cop chose to land on her arm. I was at the other end of the houseboat pointing my camera at something else. Bother!

Apparently this species occurs all over continental Africa. Also called Pseudagrion pseudomassaicum.

The photo was snagged for us by our friend, Sally Tunstill.

ID Notes

  • ♂ – eyes are cherry red in the frontal half.
  • ♂ – purplish pruinosity develops on the thorax and sometimes part of the head.
  • ♂ – abdomen mostly black with a blue tail light with thin terminal lines on S8 & S9.
in cop