Tramea virginia (Saddlebag Glider)

Seen in Hong KongTramea virginia is known from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Viet Nam, China including Hong Kong, Hainan and Taiwan, Korea, Japan.

This was a new addition for us from our 2017 trip through Hong Kong to the Antipodes. We had landed in Hong Kong at midday after a 12-hour flight from London and, feeling tired and lazy, I took only my Sigma travel lens (18-300) to visit Hong Kong Park in an attempt to stay awake. Silly boy! There, perched at some distance, was a male Tramea virginia (Saddlebag Glider). On day #2, armed with the correct lens, I managed to snag the female of the species on an ovipositing flight but no more perched males. Bother!