Pseudagrion australasiae (Look-alike Sprite)

found in Cambodiafound in SingaporeAt least, I think that’s what these characters are. There is much discussion in Internet Odonata circles about the close similarity of this, P. australasiae, with P. microcephalum, hence the rather naff [my opinion] vernacular/common name.

I’m less confident about the male, here. Males are generally distinguished by their anal appendages: the upper appendages of P. australasiae being about equal in length to the lower appendages and about half the length of S10. P. microcephalum, on the other hand, has upper appendages longer that the lower appendages and about equal in length to S10. The black suture line between S8 & S9 is also generally thicker in P. microcephalum.

I’m more confident about the female. Female P australasiae  have a thick black bar between the eyes on the dorsal surface whereas females of P. microcephalum do not. The dark antehumeral stripe is also stronger in P. australasiae females.

male female

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