Somatochlora arctica (Northern Emerald)

I’ve created this page to log the fact that I’ve seen these delightful creatures, in quite large numbers, at La Tourbière des Dauges, just to the north-east of Limoges, during our spring visit to France in 2015. Although they were present in considerable numbers, they remained very active, flying and mating on the wing seemingly tirelessly. I was very disappointed not to have an opportunity to photograph one. 🙁

Their habitat is small, wet depressions in bogs and certain lowland moors. Hence, the distribution in the British Isles seems limited to western Scotland and south-west Ireland, so France was really my only chance to see them. 😉

Id Notes

  • Bright green eyes
  • Dark green abdomen, almost black, making a strong contrast with the bright green eyes
  • Large yellow spots on side of S3

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