Aeshna brevistyla (Blue-spotted Hawker/Lancer Dragonfly)

Good luck with this one. This is one of those confusing species that has been referred to by two different binomial names: Adversaeschna bevistyla (Blue-spotted Hawker) is generally used in Australia, where it is widespread, whilst Aeshna brevistyla (Lancer Dragonfly) was used by Rowe in his New Zealand volume.

Dr. Paulson, who maintains the worldwide list, has both names as synonyms, his main entry being for Aeshna brevistyla and stating:

Treated as Adversaeschna brevistyla by many, but proposed as Aeshna brevistyla by Marinov (2022).

Therefore, I’m going with Aeshna brevistyla. As Adversaeschna brevistyla it was/is a monotypic genus.

We did see this character both in Australia, at the dam in Stanley, Victoria, and in New Zealand where we found it at a couple of sites: Cape Foulwind and Slab Hut Creek. I finally got a female back at Stanley Barge Dam in 2024.

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