Rhyothemis phyllis (Yellow-barred/striped Flutterer)

seen in Australiaseen in Cambodiaseen in SingaporeSeeing Rhyothemis phyllis, this colourfully winged character, for the first time was quite a thrill. It seems to me that there is a greater tendency towards coloured wings in warmer regions than I am used to in the European arena. This looks as though it is trying to mimic a bee. It is colloquially called a Yellow-barred Flutterer in the Singapore theatre but Yellow-striped Flutterer by our Australian friends.

Our earlier few encounters in Singapore were a little frustrating with a lack of settling and posing but eventually, both Cambodia and Singapore’s Central Catchment NR came up with the goods. I have now added a few shots of Australian natives from my 2019 Queensland trip. I saw them again on FNQ 2022 but didn’t get any publishable pictures.


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