Links: Europe

“We are a small, independent company which makes and sells art photographs of European and Australian dragonflies and damselflies.”
That’s as may be but, as such, this site constitutes what is probably the best collection of helpful Odonata identification photos on the Internet.
Dragonflies and Damselflies in and around Europe
Launched in 2019, Antoine van der Heijden’s very clear site with absolutely superb photographs of almost all of the European species. I haven’t worked out what might be missing but there ain’t much.
Dragonflies of Ukraine
A little specialist, perhaps, but I wanted to keep the reference and this seemed a useful place to do it.
A potentially handy checklist, amongst other things, of the recorded Odonata of the Ukraine – where west meets east, in some sense.
Atlas des Papillons de Jour et des Libellules du Languedoc-Roussillon
OK, not a pithy title and this may be very specific being confined to the Languedoc-Rousillon region of southern France but it is an absolute goldmine of precise observation points by species, including some observation records submitted by yours truly.
Utterly phenomenal stuff and so easy to use. It would be absolutely wonderful if this site were extended as is to cover the whole of France. Dream on, methinks.
Libellules (de Dominique MOUCHENÉ)
An absolute mass of informaton on dragonflies seen at a plethora of locations covering most of France.
Potentially perplexing but home in on a particular general area and there is absolute gold available.
Mes Libellules
The French language personal website of Benoît Guillon, who is very active on the worldwide odonata stage and displays excellent identification skills. As well as the European information, his “exotic” trips section looks particularly interesting, though finding it is not the most intuitive; for these he has an index map.
Società Italiana per lo Studio e la Conservazione delle Libellule Onlus
Perfectly understandably, this site is in Italian only, so there’s lots of “i”s and “o”s, but it has some very useful distribution maps for species found in Italian territories. The maps are linked under the specific species.
Wild Herzegovina Birdwatching & Wildlife Holidays
Denis Bohm organizes tours for birds and dragonflies and has used some of our photos to illustrate his adverts and odonata checklist. If you are interested in a dragonfly tour of Bosnia and Herzegovina …