Tholymis tillarga (White-barred Duskhawk)

seen in Sri Lankaseen in Cambodiaseen in SingaporeThis is a crepuscular species which, the books say, is attracted to light. Certainly our first encounter was in the evening in Singapore where it flew into the veranda of the house we were staying in. This was an unhappy encounter as there were resident Geckos hunting in the same porch; we found two remaining wings discarded the next morning. At least the gecko ate well.

More recently we had another evening encounter with a female in Sri Lanka when one visited the corridors of our hotel.

The male has more striking bicolored wing patches. In Sri Lanka we did see some males flying below a railway bridge that we were on. Photography was nigh on impossible but Carol did manage to snag a recognizable in-flight shot for the record. At least it shows the wing coloration.

Common names vary markedly, being known variously as:

  • White-barred Duskhawk (Singapore);
  • Foggy-winged Twister (Sri Lanka);
  • Twister (Australia & South Africa);
  • Old World Twister (Namibia & IUCN Red List);
  • Coral-tailed Cloudwing (Malaysia);
  • Crepuscular Darter;
  • Evening Skimmer (also used for T. citrina).

Quelle mess. πŸ™‚

Id Notes

  • β™‚ – abdomen orange/red
  • β™‚ – hind-wings with pale blue and amber bicolored patches
  • ♀ – olive-yellow in color
  • ♀ – amber patch (only) on hind-wings

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