Somatochlora meridionalis (Balkan Emerald)

One of three additions to our catalogue from our 2016 trip taking in Croatia. As a separate species, the status of S. meridionalis may be debated but I come down in favour of it being distinct from S. metallica, due to markings and choice of habitat. Some literature refers to S. metallica meridionalis, though, including Grand/Boudot. since it has been recorded in a small area of PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azure).

I have just a single picture of a single individual spotted most unusually perched at Plitvice Lakes. There were several flying tirelessly, as is their wont.

Id Notes

  • Brilliant metallic green body
  • Dark pterostigmas [cf. slightly lighter pterostigmas of S. metallica]
  • Single spot on side of thorax [absent on S. metallica]