Enallagma cyathigerum (Common Bluet/Common Blue Damselfly)

The other one of the two commonest blue damselflies in the UK. This one is a more vivid blue than Coenagrion puella (Azure Bluet/Azure Damselfly).

[I have a collection of comparison charts to help with the identification of the blue-striped damselflies.]

Id Notes

  • not a Coenagrion – no Coenagrion “spur” on the side of the thorax
  • blue antehumeral stripes are wide, at least as wide as the black stripes beside them (cf. Coenagrion puella)
  • ♂ – mushroom-shaped mark on S2 usually joined by a stalk to suture
  • ♂ – S8&9 all blue (but with two tiny dots on S9)
  • ♀ – two forms, blue and dull green
  • ♀ – black thistle shape on S2
  • ♀ – black v2 rocket shapes on S3-7
  • ♀ – black triangle on S8
in tandem
in cop

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