Libellula quadrimaculata (Four-Spotted Chaser)

My absolutely favourite scientific name; 10 syllables, no less, which just seems to roll off the tongue rhythmically.

Another Chaser but no pruinosity in this one. What a striking looking creature this is. Males and females are very similar, though and tricky to separate, for me anyway, though not for them, it seems. The shape of the anal appendages may be the best guide but here is a comparison chart showing the distinguishing features.

Id Notes

  • Dark patches, roughly triangular, at hind wing base (like all Chasers)
  • Abdomen rather translucent tan/brown with S6-10 black and narrowly yellowish sides
  • Dark spots on wing nodes as well as pterostigma – hence the name
form praenubila
sex uncertain male & female in flight

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