Links: The Antipodes

Here’s a collection of links associated with European Odonata.

Brisbane Insects and Spiders
… and Odonata. Could be a useful contact for finding Odonata sites around the Brisbane area.
Australian Dragonflies
A Guide to their Identification and Distribution.
Australian Dragonfly Identification Key – Reiner Richter
One of the most complex websites I’ve ever seen with a complex set of seemingly interlinked pages but the information looks useful and comprehensive once dug out.
Australian Nature Photography – Deane Lewis
Some useful comparison photographs in the Dragonflies section.
There Be Dragonflies
Some good identification pointers using annotated photos from Ros Coy on this site centred around NE New South Wales.
The root page link (above) now appears to be broken but here are links to the main Damselfly and Dragonfly sections, where the meat is.
Dragonflies – a Victorian adventure
A useful summarization of the species to be found in the state of Victoria, Australia, of which there are 75. Particularly useful is a handy map detailing the best sites to visit to see them, though it seems to be assuming Melbourne as a base.
We need more stuff like this. 😉
WA Dragonflies
Jan Taylor’s site detailing several habitats in three main areas of Wesern Australia together with photographs of the species found at each. Straightforward and nicely put together.
Guide to NZ Dragonflies
There are supposedly just 17 species of Odonata in New Zealand, two of which are, I believe, vagrants, and this interested amateur has put together a few pages describing them. Nicely done.