Calopteryx xanthostoma (Western Demoiselle)

In overlapping ranges these can be a tad tricky to separate from C. splendens and, perhaps, even C. virgo. In C. xanthostoma the male’s dark wing markings extend to the wing tip and only just beyond the wing node. C. splendens has a variable amount of clear area towards the wing tip, and in C. virgo the colouration reaches much nearer the wing root. The female is more of a challenge. 🙂

My Demoiselle Comparison Chart may help clarify the differences.

Id Notes

  • ♂ – metallic blue body
  • ♂ – wings dark blue at outboard, always to wing tip and down to or a little beyond the node
  • ♀ – metallic green body
  • ♀ – wings clear with greenish tint and white pseudo-pterostigma
  • ♀ – dorsal side of last couple of abdominal segments is dull brown, not metallic
immature male
in cop

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