Lestes sponsa (Common Spreadwing/Emerald Damselfly)

We have a population of these at our local Sandhouse Lane Nature Reserve. After the pond drying out for a large chunk of 2011/2012, my fingers were firmly crossed for continued generations but re-population seems to have happened successfully.

[I have a comparison chart showing the distinguishing features of our four emerald damselfly/spreadwing species.]

Id Notes

  • metallic green head, thorax and abdomen
  • dark pterostigma (when mature)
  • ♂ – develops powdery blue pruinosity on pronotum, side of thorax, S1&2 and S9&10 of the abdomen
  • ♂ – blue eyes
  • ♂ – lower appendages are straight (cf. L. dryas which I’ve yet to see)
  • ♀ – decidedly thicker abdomen (cf. ♂)
  • ♀ – prominent ovipositor, just extends to tip of S10 (cf. other Lestes)
  • ♀ – two green spots atop S1 are rounded triangles (cf. other Lestes)
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