Somatochlora flavomaculata (Yellow-spotted Emerald)

Our first contact with these delightful creatures was when we were lucky enough to be guided to a site playing host to them in La Brenne, France. As is usually the case with Emeralds, the subjects wouldn’t pose for the camera so a single hastily grabbed in-flight shot is all we came away with, other than the thrill of seeing them, of course.

In 2018 we had further encounters high in the Auvergne, France, where they were at two of three lakes that we visited. At Lac Montcineyre, they were swarming and feeding. To my surprise, individuals began alighting on nettles. Carol also managed to improve on my original in-flight shot.

Id Notes

  • bright green eyes
  • metallic green body with yellow, triangular spots along side of abdomen
in flight

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