Diplacodes lefebvrii (Black Percher)

A third new species for 2017, following my two Scottish additions. This one was found in a considerably better climate at the Parque Natural del Hondo near Alicante, Spain. It’ always a delight finding a new species though hte situation here ws a little frustrating – in vegetation with sun highlights below our boardwalk – resulting in difficult photographic conditions. We got a few recognisable shots, though, but only of the male.

This could be confused with Selysiothemis nigra (Black Pennant); in fact, it was, by me. Hondo supports both D. lefebvrii and S. nigra, males of which we on the same visit. Until I spotted the latters’ wings and distinctive pterostigmas, I thought I was photographing more Black Perchers.

Id Notes

  • small
  • large pterostigmas, pale to brown
  • ♂ all black when mature (appendages turn last)
  • ♂ glossy black frons, otherwise matt black
  • yellow/brown triangular patch on hindwing root.
  • white anal appendages, until fully mature
  • ♀ black and creamy-yellow
  • ♀ light frons