Flight Periods

Below is a spreadsheet diagramming the approximate flight periods/seasons of all the British Odonata (plus a few potential vagrants). This is my attempt to bring together in one place all of the individual species’ flight periods from the excellent Britain’s Dragonflies by Dave Smallshire and Andy Swash, a WILDGuides publication. Naturally, conditions vary yearly and these are just notional interpretations attempting to convey the emergence, main flight and subsequent dying off periods using three strengths of green.

There are two views of the flight periods; links at the bottom of the spreadsheet enable you to toggle between the two.

  1. ordered by start times;
  2. ordered by end times.

The idea behind the tables was this: for any given time period, you are able to scan down and see who might be flying about to entertain you. The two sequences hopefully make it easier at either end of the season.

Any transcription/interpretation errors are entirely mine – do not blame the eminent messrs. Smallshire and Swash. 😉

(For the insatiably curious, the spreadsheets are embedded Google Documents.)

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