Iberian Species

Here’s my list of 79 breeding species recorded in mainland Spain and Portugal, distilled from Iberian Wildlife Tours, though this list includes one locally extinct species, Lindenia tetraphylla (Bladetail) and one that Dijkstra/Lewington does not show in Spain, Trithemis kirbyi (Orange-winged Dropwing).

We have explored very little of Spain so most of our “ticked-off” species have been seen elsewhere in Europe.

Zygoptera (Damselflies)

Anisoptera (Dragonflies)

[1] – Now thought to be extinct in Spain.

[2] – Newly described in 2020.

2 comments on “Iberian Species
  1. Trithemis kirbyi (Orange-winged Dropwing) is becoming very common in the Valencia area this year, I have already photographed several in the last few months including some visiting my garden pond as late as November.
    I came across your site while trying to identify another species which may be something I have not see before. Like a small darter, very dark below the abdomen but yellow to red on top, brown thorax and bright red Stigmas with thin dark borders. I will not be able to process the photos until next month as I have a 7 week backlog.

  2. Actually just a Common Darter casting a dark shadow by its abdomen being close to the stone it was on, but a new species for me as they are far from common here, the Red-veined Darter being much more numerous.

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