Anax papuensis (Australian Emperor/Baron Dragonfly)

This is yet another one of those potentially confusing species going by two different names. Version 1 of Theischinger/Hawking listed it as Hemianax papuensis where others preferred Anax papuensis. I believe that V2 of Theischinger/Hawking now refers to Anax papuensis.  Dr. Dennis Paulson, who maintains the worldwide list of species, has no reference to any Hemianax whatsoever and now (2023) DNA analysis has dispensed with Hemianax so we may all finally be on the same page.

This species is widespread throughout much of Australia and New Zealand. Naturally, the common/vernacular names vary, too. In Australia we have Anax papuensis (Australian Emperor) whilst in New Zealand we have Anax papuensis (Baron Dragonfly). It is also recorded in parts of Indonesia and various Pacific islands.

[See my article, Triangle of Confusion, detailing the genus debate.]

I have found it quite extensively in Australia and 2024 got me my first solo female.