Cordulegaster bidentata (Sombre Goldenring/Two-toothed Goldenring)

All Goldenrings are, IMHO, strikingly handsome creatures, so how any one can come up with a name including the word “sombre” is entirely beyond me. As a group, they are also pretty unmistakable. The individual species, however, can readily be confused. Indeed, I was guilty of spending a year thinking the individual in these pictures was a Common Goldenring, because that’s what I’d seen in this location on a previous year. I woke up and was delighted to find that I had another species for our catalogue.

The notes below contrast this with the more widespread Common Goldenring.

Id Notes

  • Apical spots on S2&3/4 and not on S5-8
  • In side view, yellow abdominal markings appear decidedly triangular
  • Black occipital triangle (behind where the eyes meet – it’s yellow in Common Goldenring)

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