Orthetrum trinacria (Long Skimmer)

Our second new species from Spain, 2013, at the Marjal de Gandia, and one that I first of all thought to be an Epaulet Skimmer, our first new Spanish species, even though the book says these are unmistakable – not by me, apparently.

An Afrotropical species with a rather limited range in our theatre, being found in parts of Spain, Sardinia and Sicily (with, perhaps, a record on the toe of Italy). An aggressive species that appears to be fond of munching other odonata.

Id Notes

  • very wide, pale pterostigma
  • very long, slender abdomen, >50mm
  • ♂ – thorax black/slate grey on S4-S10
  • ♂ & older ♀ – darken with blue pruinosity
immature male
One comment on “Orthetrum trinacria (Long Skimmer)
  1. I finally found one last September at Sotogrande beach in Andalucia. Great to see they are staying around in Spain.

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