Austroepigomphus turneri (Flame-tipped Hunter)

The taxonomists are at it again. This delightful species is variously described as Austroepigomphus (Xerogomphus) turneri [iNaturalist & Theischinger] and Austrogomphus turneri [Atlas of Living Australia & Wikipedia]. What’s going on?

I found a paper by Günther Theischinger talking about Xerogomphus being a subgenus of Austroepigomphus and I THINK that Austroepigomphus may be considered a subgenus of Austrogomphus. Strewth! In V1 of Theischinger/Hawking, Austroepigomphus (Xerogomphus) turneri is used. I’m simplifying that to Austroepigomphus turneri.

Whatever it is correctly called, this is a strikingly handsome species, the male having green eyes, a yellow and black anterior abdomen and then a flame-orange tip; quite delightful. I haven’t seen the female.