Austrogomphus amphiclitus (Pale Hunter)

Austrogomphus amphiclitus (Pale Hunter) misses the Cape York peninsular in the north and Victoria in the southeast but otherwise ranges over the eastern coast of Australia, including inland southern Queensland. The identification points made in Theischinger/Hawking refer to small details rather than the more easily visible markings, so I’m uncertain how definitive those are.

I met and snagged a shot of a male in the Moss Garden track at Carnarvon Gorge and, later, many shots of a couple of females with a male also in Yugarapul Park, Brisbane, where I also collected an unwanted tick which happily did not attach. Subsequently I found a male in FNQ, 2022. That latter trip also produced the potentially confusingly similar Austrogomphus prasinus (Lemon-tipped Hunter). Clear shots of the male appendages and of the female occiput are needed to distinguish.