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Spain, Oct 2018

One of the delights of owning a modestly sized condominium-like property in Spain, is attending the yearly AGM of the owners organization. The Spanish “horizontal property law” requires that a committee exists for such “shared living” properties and that AGMs

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France, June 2018

After a 3-year break, we finally managed to return to France. We had something of an agenda meeting various people so we were partly playing tourist and partly odonata (and orchid) hunters. We knew we would visit our favourite dairy

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Spain, Apr 2018

The crappy cold grey weather that some may think passes for spring in the UK was getting us down so much that we booked a return trip to Spain for 2½ weeks of respite care. This was, of course, a

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Spain, Winter 2017-18

This is another post that seems to require a slightly different format. Finally being footloose and fancy-free, we took the opportunity to run away from both the British Xmas and the British winter by trying an extended trip to Spain.

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