Lestes dryas (Robust Spreadwing/Scarce Emerald Damselfly)

These guys may not be difficult to find, given the right location, but care needs to be taken with identification. L. dryas is awkwardly similar to L. sponsa, the males being distinguished mainly by their in-curved lower appendages (which are not always very clear). I’m reasonably confident about the identification of these examples, though.

Id Notes

  • metallic green head, thorax and abdomen
  • dark pterostigma (when mature)
  • ♂ – develops powdery blue pruinosity on pronotum, side of thorax, S1 & front of S2, S9&10 of the abdomen
  • ♂ – bright blue eyes
  • ♂ – lower appendages are in-curved and clubbed (cf. L. sponsa where they are straight-ish)
  • ♀ – decidedly thicker abdomen (cf. ♂)
  • ♀ – ovipositor extends slightly beyond tip of S10 (cf. other Lestes)
  • ♀ – two green spots atop S1 essentially rectangular (cf. other Lestes)
female in tandem

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